Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dragon sketch color progress

Working on this one slowly. Give me a couple more months, and I'll probably actually have the time to draw.


  1. Lauren, you have an incredible talent. Some of the illustrations on your website are just awe-inspiring. I love how almost every image has a lovely "Japanese" flavor, it's like you borrow some of their technique and apply it to your creations.

    I have a game I think you would love, especially since according to your website Okami is one of your favorite games.

    I'm not telling you what it is so you don't go out and get it (hope you haven't played it...), cause I want to give it to you myself when I meet you :)

  2. Hi Sam! Good to meet you digitally, looking forward to working with you in a month or two. I'll be curious to see what game it is.