Friday, June 25, 2010

Game Art finished work.

Here's the final collection of work from my Game Art class, from start to finish. I'm currently rendering out 360 views of my models, I'll be posting them soon.

My initial concept sketches.

The final concept for my character.

Character ortho.

Weapon ortho.

Wireframe model of the weapon. I also modeled out the cloth around the handle, so that I could bake it onto the normal later.

ZBrush fun!

The texture maps and unwrap.

Final weapon!

I also modeled out my character's mask, for fun, and science. Here are the texture maps for it. This time I didn't use Zbrush, I made a bump map and sent it through Crazy Bump, which is fun, and scientific.

Final mask render.

I also wanted to throw together a concept for the environment I want my character to be in.