Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Creativity only happens during finals.

I've decided recently that my goal will be to try for an internship at Big Huge Games this summer, so I need to focus on developing a portfolio of work that's probably out of my league... but whatever, it's worth a shot. Unfortunately this kind of motivation only comes to me when I have other work to do. Also, I seem to like playing more video games. On that note... World of Goo is a fantastic game. Dreamkiller is definitely not.

None of my finals have been particularly exciting, although I did make a Magic-based card game for my photography class (because I'm a bad photographer and I needed to find a way to put my photography in a non-serious context.)

I also need to think of something creative to contribute to the war... I probably won't have time. I wish I was funny.

I wish I could sleep. I'm ahead of the game on my finals, just one more project to go.

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